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Conservatives in the Ohio legislature have introduced 8 bills to establish Stand Your Ground, allow concealed carry weapons in more locations and to remove the requirement to inform a police officer who stops you for a traffic stop that you have a gun. Gun rights advocates believe the bills, if passed, would make Ohio and Ohioans safer while anti-gun advocates argue it will make the state more dangerous.

Gun-rights supporters are pushing for the right to carry concealed weapons in more places in Ohio, eliminate the requirement that people tell cops who stop them that they have a firearm and no longer require someone to retreat from a threat before using a gun.

Eight gun bills pending in the Ohio General Assembly seek to expand gun rights.

Nearly 40 lawmakers are signed on as sponsors of a “stand your ground” bill that would remove the duty to retreat from a threat. House Bill 228 would re-work Ohio’s self-defense laws and reduce requirements faced by CCW holders, such as keeping their hands in plain sight during traffic stops…

It’s not known if Gov. John Kasich, a Republican, will sign any of the gun rights bills pass the legislature or not. Ohio’s legislature is controlled by Republicans and the state voters went with Trump with a 52.1% to 43.5% margin, so the state has been getting more conservative. Several years ago, the state passed a law to allow educators to be trained and armed and hundreds of educators did just that.



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