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For eight years, Obama’s anti-gun minions tried their best to undermine the US Constitution and the constitutional rights of the American people, especially their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. They pushed hard at the national level to enact many types of gun control laws, most of which failed, thankfully.

When national efforts failed, many anti-American Democrats took their gun-control to individual states. They pushed to destroy existing gun rights legislation including concealed carry laws and laws that allowed ownership of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

As the efforts of Democrats increased, so did the efforts of loyal, patriotic Americans who value their constitutional rights. As Democrats made progress in states like New York, Maryland, Illinois and Colorado, patriots made progress in other states including Ohio.

One of the main pieces of legislation passed by the Ohio legislature was to allow school districts to decide for themselves if they wanted to remain gun free or to have their faculty and staff trained and permitted to carry concealed weapons on campus during school hours. Much to the dismay of many Democrats, a greater number of school districts decided to take measures to protect their students than Democrats expected or wanted.



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