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Barack Obama and his minions not only tried to strip the American people of their 2nd Amendment rights, but they also tried to target military personnel also. Obama’s war against the military extended to trying to push legislation to prevent current and former military members from owning and carrying firearms. Oklahoma has taken a step to protect the gun rights of certain military personnel.

A bill to allow certain military members to carry handguns in Oklahoma communities without a handgun license has been signed into law by Gov. Mary Fallin.

“Our military men and women are highly trained in combat and how to use weapons. Requiring them to get a license to carry a handgun is redundant and an expense our Oklahoma heroes shouldn’t have to worry about,” said state Sen Kim David, R-Porter, the senate author of the bill…

It’s ridiculous to have men and women who sacrifice four or more years of their lives defending our nation, to have them barred from owning and carrying firearms at home. Why is it okay for them to carry a weapon on the streets of other nations, but not on the streets of America? If sending them to fight foreign wars is that damaging to their mental state, then perhaps America shouldn’t be involved in these foreign wars to begin with.



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