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Like the Federal government, Oklahoma is controlled by Republicans. Governor Mary Fallin is a Republican. Unlike the federal government, the Oklahoma legislature is overwhelmingly controlled by Republicans. The GOP has a 40-8 lead in the state Senate and a 71-30 lead in the House.

And unlike the federal government, members of the Oklahoma state legislature are listening to the people and are taking steps to do what the people have instructed them to do.

On Monday, Oklahoma state senators filed 831 pieces of legislation in preparation of when they officially reconvene on February 6. Of those bills, 18 of them surround various aspects involving firearms. Several in particular will expand the rights of gun owners and another one would restrict the introduction of gun control bills in the future.

SB5, introduced by Sen. Josh Brecheen, is to amend the current law relating to firearm applications. Part of the licensing states:

“A handgun license when issued shall authorize the person to whom the license is issued to carry a loaded or unloaded handgun, concealed or unconcealed, as authorized by the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, and any future modifications thereto.”

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