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As of last Friday, Oregon State Police have been blocking the sales of two types of shotguns. State officials claim the shotguns violated Oregon law restricting barrel and overall length, but ATF officials have ruled that the shotguns are not in violation of the National Firearms Act which also restrictions regulating barrel and overall length. Authorities are waiting from a ruling the Department of Justice before allowing the sales of the shotguns.

The Oregon State Police have confirmed that they are “delaying” all sales of “Shockwave” and “Tac-14” shotguns.

It appears this new policy started on Friday. They said they are awaiting a decision from the Department of Justice on whether these firearms are “legal” under Oregon law.

ATF has already determined that these firearms are NOT regulated under the National Firearms Act. 

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Oregon law describes “short barrel” shotguns as: …

Personally, short-barreled shotguns are great for close range self-defense. I’ve fired a sawed off 12-gauge with pistol grips and although great for close range, it will knock you on your butt if not braced and ready, but so can some larger caliber handguns. Both shotguns in questions are designed for tactical use and have barrels of only 14 inches, which is shorter than Oregon law dictates.




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