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Pennsylvania Senate has been considering a new bill which would allow teachers, and other school employees, to conceal carry on school grounds.

Supporters of the bill believe that this will help keep students and teachers safer on campus. This is a very convincing argument though. If teachers had guns at work, they would be able to protect their classrooms in the even of an active shooter or armed assailant on campus.

Good guys with guns stop the bad guys with guns.

Newsworks reports:


Senate Bill 383 is sponsored by GOP Senator Donald White of Armstrong County, who said it would give schools more options in protecting students.

He added, it could be particularly helpful for rural districts that are far from police stations and might not employ their own security guard.

“This is just one more tool to help them — if they see fit — to protect their families,” he said.

Many — like Shira Goodman, with CeaseFire PA — say arming school employees would be an unnecessary liability.

“If you can’t afford a school armed security guard, how are you going to afford the insurance to have armed teachers?” she asked. “It doesn’t make any sense.’

“If we want to spend money on these kinds of things, that’s what we should be giving money on,” she added. “Security assessments, better communication with police, and maybe more money for security guards and school resource officers.”

The plan would require school employees to have a concealed carry permit and complete a police training class before carrying a gun around children.

The bill was initially slated for a Senate vote Monday, but was pulled from the schedule. A Senate spokeswoman explained that there is “potential for a number of amendments to be introduced. and we wanted to have time to review those.”

In the long run, money would be saved by having the teachers take a gun safety and shooting course rather than hiring armed security. You only have to pay for gun training once per teacher, rather than paying security daily.

Colorado teachers are already being taught how to shoot and how to handle a situation where they would need to use their gun to protect students.

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