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If Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) is correct, conservative 2nd Amendment supporters everywhere should be enraged at Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) latest traitorous move.

In an interview with Armed American Radio, Massie explained that Rep. Ryan was the reason that Congress had not yet debated his bill for National Reciprocity of concealed carry permit holders across the country.

Massie is the author of a bill that would force Washington, D.C. to recognize concealed carry permits from every state in the Union, but the bill has yet to make it to the House floor for a debate, which makes it highly unlikely that it will get a vote at all.

When host Mark Walters asked Rep. Massie why his National Reciprocity Act had not come up for a vote yet, Massie responded with frustration.

“The Speaker told me he didn’t think the timing was right, but this is the exact time to bring this bill. So it is frustrating for me.”

Massie continued, “Listen, I was no fan of [Speaker] John Boehner, but even under John Boehner, I was allowed to offer an amendment to the DC Appropriations Bill to defund all their gun control laws. It passed in the House. … We got all but four Republicans to vote for it and 20 Democrats voted to defund all of Washington DC’s gun control laws.”

He explained that he secured the necessary votes to defund DC gun control at a time when no specific event provided the impetus for doing so. Now, however, the Alexandria baseball practice attack has provided impetus, making the passage of HR 2909 a no-brainer. Yet Massie admitted, “Paul Ryan will not let me bring that amendment to the floor.”

Why do we continue to stomach Congressman Ryan as one of our leaders? Why do we allow men like he, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the other weak-kneed liars to lead our party when we know that we cannot trust them? It’s absurd.

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