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Pennsylvania has joined in with another state in trying to extort legal gun owners into giving up their guns if they want to use a prescribed form of medical treatment.

I’m not a fan of medical marijuana but I have read a number of reports that showed where it has helped people with various conditions, none of which are serious enough to cause someone to be stripped of their constitutional rights.

However, Pennsylvania officials are telling any legal gun owner that they will need to turn in all of their guns if they want to apply for a medical marijuana card.

(The Blaze) – If you’re a gun-owning Pennsylvania resident, the Pennsylvania State Police are urging you to turn in your firearms if you are seeking medical marijuana cards.

Sorry, what?

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statement from the Pennsylvania State Police’s website is receiving a lot of local attention over what appears to be an erroneous statement concerning state and federal law.

The statement reads:

“It is unlawful for you to keep possession of any firearms which you owned or had in your possession prior to obtaining a medical marijuana card, and you should consult an attorney about the best way to dispose of your firearms.”

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, state police spokesman Ryan Tarkowski suggested seeking legal counsel if a citizen possesses firearms before seeking and receiving medical marijuana…

If a person’s medical condition is not worthy of someone needing to give up their gun rights, then why should any form of treatment be a cause to do so? It doesn’t happen if someone is taking a number of medications or receiving radiation treatment for a health condition, but PA officials claim that anyone needing the benefits of medical marijuana to help with their medical condition isn’t allow to own a gun. It obviously has nothing to do with the illness or the medical marijuana and everything to do with stripping legal gun owners of the right to own guns.





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