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In today’s society, you have to be extremely careful. Just because a phone case that looks like a gun might seem cool at the moment, it can actually cause more harm than good.

Friday, Alhambra Police responded to a call of a possible medical emergency. When they arrived, they found a person who was either sleeping or unconscious and there was a device that appeared to be a gun next to the driver’s hand.

This prompted police to call in their special forces team and after a short standoff, the person woke up. Turns out, he was just sleeping and the device was a phone with an attachment that looked like a gun in a gun holder.

This situation ended peacefully but it doesn’t always. Always be careful and reconsider the items that you carry, that can be easily mistaken for a weapon. Police already have a hard enough time distinguishing the difference between toy guns and real guns when it’s in the heat of the moment. Sometimes, that split moment means life or death for them.

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