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Not today robbers, not today! One pizza shop owner protected his dough (in more way than one) as he exchanged gunfire with armed robbers.


Police responded to a call on Sunday night around 11:15omo at Milano Pizza (Maryland) on accounts of an armed robbery.

Mario Kazzalbach told police that he was closing his pizzeria for the night when an unauthorized man came into the shop with a gun and demanded money. Then two more men entered the shop as well, and one was armed.

Mario said, “Each one has the gun, the masks, everything. They say, ‘No play, no play.’ Each one have a gun. Each one have a gun. Three people, I got three guns on my head.”

In fear for his life, Kazzalbach reluctantly gave into their demands and handed over money, his necklace, and his cell phone. Then they fled the scene. However, as they ran, one turned and fired a shot at him. So he pulled out his shotgun and fired back!

He said, “Each one of them had big guns. I have to save my life,” he continued, “Thank God I’m still alive. I have kids. I work hard for my kids.”

WBAL Tv 11 reports:

Police searched with K-9 units but were unable to find the three suspects.

“There was no evidence recovered from the scene of shell casings from the suspects, so we did check several local hospitals in and around the area. No hospitals reported any individuals coming in with any gunshot wounds, so at this time, it doesn’t appear that any suspects were struck,” Anne Arundel County police Lt. Ryan Frashure said.

Police said it appears Kazzalbach acted in self-defense, and his gun is registered and legal, but they continue to investigate.

“At this point, it’s unclear who shot at who first, so that’s something that our detectives are going to be looking into, but, at this point, it feels like the store owner was in fear for his life because the individuals were armed with a handgun,” Frashure said.


Police said the first robber is described as a black man, 20 to 25 years old, standing 6 feet tall with a thin build, wearing dark clothing and a ski mask.

The second robber was described as a black man, 20 to 25 years old, standing 5 feet 10 inches tall, wearing dark clothes and a ski mask.

The third robber was described as a white man, 5 feet 8 inches tall, wearing a blue jacket and black pants, police said.

If you have any information on the incident, call Metro Crime Stoppers at 866-7-LOCKUP.

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