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Rick Perry, the former Governor of Texas, is still in the game of ticking off the liberals. In light of his daughter, Sydney’s birthday, he took the chance to bunch up their panties.

He sent out a picture of his daughter Sydney on her 21st birthday of a bit of Perry family nostalgia that will have Texans, gun rights advocates and dog lovers alike grinning from ear to ear.

Rick announced on Twitter and Instagram that the photo of Sydney was a flashback from 9 years earlier, which shows the girl holding her two favorite things:

Screenshot 2016-08-21 02.17.00

Here is the photo of his daughter that went along with the post:

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Screenshot 2016-08-21 02.17.32

That’s right, a pretty girl with her favorite things in the world: her pup and her glock. Don’t forget the fact that she’s adorning a tiara too. Who wouldn’t feel like royalty knowing they have the 2nd amendment to protect themselves?

Happy 21st birthday Sydney, I hope it was a great day, celebrating your life and your right to protect it.

For more from Rick Perry, you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @GovernorPerry.

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