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Barak Obama launched an all-out assault on gun rights from the day he was first sworn into office. If left up to him, no American citizen would legally own or possess a firearm of any kind, but then that’s one of the primary tenets of socialism – disarm the people.

Under Obama’s 8-year reign of terror, gun sales soared, setting new records, year after year. Now President Donald Trump is in office and Republicans somewhat control the House and Senate, the same fear of losing the right to own a gun has gone down, or has it?

Yes, gun sales have been dropping because of Trump’s pro-Second Amendment stand, but is the fear of government going too far on gun control really gone? A recent poll, taken from a liberal media source, indicates the fear is still there.

A poll released on Thursday found Americans rate gun policy as a top issue in elections and fear the potential for the government to overreach with new gun-control measures.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey of 1,200 adults conducted between August 5 and 9 found 35 percent of respondents listed gun rights or gun control as the top issue they considered important enough to have an impact on their voting. That’s more than environmental issues at 30 percent, immigration at 28 percent, or abortion at 17 percent. Respondents picked gun policy as important to their vote more often than any other issue surveyed, though issues like foreign policy, the economy, and national defense were purposefully left out of the question…

Politicians should take notice of this poll as it indicates that many Americans are likely to base their votes in upcoming elections on a politician’s stand on gun rights and gun control. If someone is Republican and wants to get elected, he or she needs to come out with a strong pro-gun rights platform because if they don’t, their chances of losing to someone who does increases.



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