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California is one of the states being ruined by liberal politicians. From the governor to the state legislature to many mayors, the Golden State is truly the land of nuts, fruits, flakes, wackos, liberals and gun-haters.

The state legislature passed a law requiring all people trying to purchase a gun to wait for 10 days before they can take possession of their purchase. Even if the person is already a gun owner and has a state issued license allowing them to carry a gun, they still have to wait 10-days.

CalGuns filed a legal challenge to the law. Back in December 2016, the three judge panel of the most liberal federal court in America upheld the 10-day waiting period law. Their decision was no surprise and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rarely rules on law, rather they rule more based upon their liberal personal agendas.

The pro-gun group has announced that they are not giving up their fight and plan to take their legal challenge all the way to the US Supreme Court. They issued a statement, saying…


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