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A new bill has been proposed that would allow citizens who are 18 and older to carry concealed, without a concealed carry license.

Sponsored by Rep. Larry Pittman, House Bill 69 (called the Constitutional Carry Act) would eliminate the need for concealed-carry permits for North Carolinians who carry handguns, but not for larger firearms. Any U.S. citizen 18 years or older would be able to carry a concealed handgun under the proposed legislation, unless otherwise disallowed by state or federal law.

“A gun is a tool,” said Pittman. “It is only as good or bad as the intentions of the person carrying it. Concealed or open carry makes no difference, except that if we can carry concealed, criminals and terrorists have no idea which lawful citizens just might fight back. The government should not interfere with our freedom to do so.”

Pittman’s plan would leave the concealed carry permit process in place for anyone who needs a permit while traveling in other states.

He continued on, “This year, I have taken that part out of the bill. Another difference is that we are changing the language about not being able to carry concealed if you have an ‘other than honorable discharge’ from the military to if you have a ‘dishonorable discharge.’ I seem to remember that a few years ago, I tried to make a change about other weapons. This version only deals with firearms.

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