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We live in troubling times for our Constitution in 2018, with a number of efforts gaining steam that would decimate our all-important Second Amendment.

And, what’s even more concerning is the fact that the current oppressive position being taken by the mainstream media and democratic operatives around the nation is in response to a mental-illness incident back in February, that shocked the town of Parkland, Florida.  After today’s incident in Santa Fe, Texas, we are sure to receive further heaping helpings of this anti-American sentiment.

Take Rhode Island, for instance, who just moved forward on their tyrannical plan to ban so-called “bump stocks” and pave the way for an all-out gun grab-a-palooza.

The measures — S.2292, to outlaw various bump stock devices and S.2492, to establish a mechanism to take guns from those thought to be at risk to themselves or others — were advanced by the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee this week. Companion bills overwhelmingly passed the state House last month despite significant grassroots opposition.

“While federal law bans fully automatic weapons manufactured after May 19, 1986,” said S.2292’s sponsor, state Sen. James Seveney, D-Portsmouth, “the bump stock does not technically make the weapon a fully automatic firearm, even though it allows a weapon to fire at nearly the rate of a machine gun. This law would effectively ban these horrific devices in Rhode Island.”

Seveney’s proposal would place a prohibition on all types of sliding buttstocks that harness a gun’s recoil to “rapidly fire the weapon” as well as any binary trigger. Those who modify a semi-automatic firearm in the state with any of the defined devices could face as much as 10 years in prison as well as establish penalties for simple possession.

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Of course, whether or not you agree with these moves has no bearing on the actual legality of these devices.  The Constitution is not written for interpretation, and every law that has been created since its inception is either “in pursuant to the Constitution”, or it is void.

So, when Rhose Island is infringing upon our right to bear arms, it is up to We The People to decide if the state is acting in pursuance of our supreme law of the land.  If not, these bans and gun grabs are unconstitutional and illegal, and will likely trigger the sovereign purpose of the Second Amendment itself, which is to protect the people against the oppression of government.

Come and take ’em, Rhode Island.  Let’s just see how that goes for you.


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