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Within minutes of the news of the shooting at Northpark Elementary School in San Bernardino, anti-gun fanatics began chiming their anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, much like a parrot repeating words without understanding what they mean. They are blindly and ignorantly chiming for more gun control without realizing the fallacies of what they parroting.

Some of these anti-gun fanatics are comparing what happened at the Northpark Elementary School with what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School back in 2012. Some are also pointing to the 2015 shooting in San Bernardino when two Islamic terrorists carried out a mass shooting for terroristic reasons.

In fact, there are a couple of comparisons between the three incidents and yet there are distinct differences.

Al three of these shootings took place in gun free zones and in states with a number of gun control laws already in place. However, Sandy Hook was caused by a deranged individual who just wanted to make his name famous. The first San Bernardino shooting was an act of terrorism. This recent shooting was the result of a domestic conflict.



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