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From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch slammed members of Saturday Night Live who called for stricter gun control and accused them of inciting class warfare Monday on “Fox and Friends.”

“They have the luxury of being able to tell everyone else to disarm because it’s class warfare,” Loesch said. “These individuals can afford private security. They work in a building with armed guards and you know they wouldn’t go for one single day without those armed guards. Why don’t you give up the firearms that your private security is holding? You’re not being more virtuous just because you’re paying someone else to carry it. You’re outsourcing it because you lack the courage of your own convictions.”

Loesch was asked if there should be a limit on the amount of firearms a citizen can own, and she said millions of Americans already own multiple guns, and are still safe law abiding citizens.

“There are millions of Americans all throughout the country that own multiple firearms,” she said. “Some of them own forty firearms. And you know what, they’ve been owning these forty firearms for decades. Millions of law abiding Americans who have not done anything.”

The NRA spokesperson called concealed carriers the “most law abiding group,” adding that people should have the option to carry a gun to protect themselves from harm.

“Firearm owners, concealed carriers they are the most law abiding group. And that’s the thing, evil lives among us. It’s real. You have to deal with evil. And I certainly want to be prepared to deal with evil or a monster with the ability to defend myself, as opposed to not having that ability to defend myself,” she said.

Here’s the segment from Saturday Night Live:

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