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While it may be fair to say that the Second Amendment has been under attack in America several times throughout our history, 2018 seems to be the most frenzied fight yet.

Thanks to the mainstream media’s collusion with the progressive politicos of the D.C. swamp, we are seeing unprecedented offensives aimed at repealing our 2nd most important right – at least according to the Founding Fathers, who placed it right behind the freedom of speech on the priority list after beating back the Red Coats a couple hundred years ago.

They were the last Americans to truly face the threat of tyranny, from within and abroad at once, and as such, they are the only Americans qualified to determine whether or not the Second Amendment is sacred.

Spoiler alert:  It is.

Yet, here we are arguing about it on a fairly regular basis.  Thankfully, there are men such as Senator John Kennedy, who railed against the liberal left in a recent op-ed for Fox News.

In the piece, Kennedy bristled at the idea of big banks using their stranglehold on American wealth to influence our ability to exercise our inalienable rights – a tactic that has been at the forefront of the current liberal push to strike down this all-important mandate.

In an act of immense corporate overreach, Citigroup issued a press release in March saying it will penalize banking clients who follow federal, state and local laws regarding gun sales. Citigroup’s new policy tells businesses what kind of firearms and accessories they can stock in their stores, and who they can sell them to.

Of course, Bank of America almost instantly reneged on this, because the only thing more important to a bank than staying at the forefront of PC culture is cold hard cash.
Kennedy goes on to make a worthwhile analogy that all Americans can understand.

If the banking system worked like a grocery store, I would still disagree with these new rules, but I would respect the right of Citigroup and Bank of America to enact whatever corporate policies align with their beliefs.

Grocery stores might decide not to sell liquor or lottery tickets, even though it’s legal for people of a certain age to buy them. Grocery stores might ask customers to leave their firearms at home.

But banks are not grocery stores. A grocery store doesn’t need a taxpayer-funded government charter to operate, a taxpayer-funded government corporation (the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) to insure its deposits, or a taxpayer-funded government bank to pay it interest. Banks do.

One grocery store doesn’t get so big that it lends and borrows and buys and sells from nearly every other grocery store in the country. These banks do. A grocery store also doesn’t need or get an $812.3 billion bailout from the American taxpayers.

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And that, folks, is how you set yourself up for an epic mic drop.




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