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While the 2nd Amendment itself was created for the sole purpose of proving the nation with a line of defense against the government, it has had a great many windfalls as well.

Given our nation’s commitment to the right to bear arms, gun technology in America has become big business, with firearms being produced today that many of our nation’s previous leaders may never have been able to imagine.  With this bump in technology, new markets have opened up for manufacturers, thus helping to spread the ideas of gun safety and rights advocacy.

Not only has hunting benefitted from this boom as well, with new, high tech weapons making the sport more comfortable for younger folks and women alike, but self defense firearms have become increasingly effective as well.

In America we are seeing a larger number of women carry self defense firearms than ever before, and, at least in some locales, senior citizens are getting in on the action as well.

This does not bode well for home intruders who with to victimize our nation’s elders.

“Timothy Dean Coker, 24, of Ripley, was shot and killed this morning after he broke into a home in the 200 Block of Destiny Lane in Jefferson.

“According to Kanawha County Deputy Sheriffs, Mr. Coker broke in through a window in the garage where the 82 year old homeowner was working and threatened the homeowner.

“The homeowner pulled a firearm and shot Mr. Coker.

“Mr. Coker succumbed to his injuries and died.”

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The fact that the 82 year old victim was able to successfully incapacitate the would be attacker is a testament to the efficacy of whatever weapon the yet-unnamed homeowner was brandishing.

Given the nature of growing old, and the shock that must have overcome our victim, the security that they felt when they were able to reach for their firearm likely saved their life, as well as their possessions.  None of this would have been possible without the 2nd Amendment, and the technological innovation that comes with an unobstructed right to bear arms.


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