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In the midst of this entirely ridiculous debate around the Second Amendment, there is a major point that many of us seem to be forgetting.

Namely, that politicians don’t actually have any real say in how we express our right to bear arms, no matter how often they seem to act like they do.  Amendments themselves are not part of our national currency of liberty because everyone needs to exercise them at all times.  Those rights are there simply because you may someday be required to rely on the almighty Constitution for your own safety, prosperity, or freedom.

Obviously, not everyone in America owns a firearm.  In fact, the percentage of We The People currently exercising our Second Amendment rights may seem shockingly low in light of recent public debates.

There is no countrywide database where people register whether they own guns (the law doesn’t allow it). We have to rely on surveys instead. High quality telephone polls from Gallup and the Pew Research Center in 2017 found that 42% of people in the US live in households with guns. According to the General Social Survey, which has a much higher response rate than telephone polls and interviews people in person, a relatively lower 32% of Americans said in 2016 that they lived in household with guns. The gap between telephone and GSS surveys has existed in some form for 20 years, so it isn’t just a one-off difference.

That’s less than half of the entire population of the nation.  Certainly, this not the epidemic that the left makes it out to be.

Furthermore, what percentage of these weapons are ever fired outside of a controlled, recreational environment?  That’s a statistic that is likely impossible to corroborate in any real way, but its safe to say that the number is very low.  In fact, if a firearm is discharged in a manner of self-defense or hostility, it often makes the news.

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This wholly proves that not everyone in our nation needs a gun.  But can anyone say without certainty that they will never need a firearm?  Absolutely not.

The Second Amendment comes into play in America only when totally necessary.  It is, for all intents and purposes, an insurance policy that protects us against ne’er do wells, violence, and tyranny.  It is not an everyday requirement to be protected as such, but when you need the Second Amendment, it is there for you.

It’s not a want.  It’s a need, but only when needed.

As such, and given the almighty power of the Constitution, there is no jurisdiction in which politicians can decide to nullify the amendment itself.  It just cannot be done, thanks to the Second Amendment itself.

The right to bear arms isn’t something we all want to exercise, and that’s fine.  But the minute that we are told that we can no longer own and operate appropriately powerful firearms is the minute in which the Second Amendment comes to life and is needed.

And that situation isn’t something that any of us want, and that’s why the Amendment, and the deterrent inherent within it, is needed.

As far as politicians are concerned, any earnest attempt to repeal the Second Amendment would completely nullify their contract a public servants to the American people, as it would be considered an unconstitutional act.  This would quite literally be treason, as the Constitution supersedes whatever authority these petulant politicians believe that they have.


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