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Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to make sure that your children have the same right to defend their lives and property that you’ve enjoyed, then now is the time to speak up.

In the wake of the shooting in Las Vegas, several congressional Republicans have joined with the always anti-freedom Democrats to craft new legislation that would ostensibly ban “Bump-stocks.” Here’s the problem, while a bill that bans bump stocks would be stupid in-and-of itself (as we’ve explained bump stocks are a luxury that can be replicated in a number of ways and this is the first time ever that a bump stock has ever been used in such a crime), this one is actually for more insidious than it first appears.

The Federalist explains:

Rather than specifically targeting bump-stocks, the gun-grabbers made the language to be as expansive as possible, so that all sorts of things can be read into the language. Rather than letting the text speak for itself, by providing specific things that are clearly and properly promulgated, the bill is written with the explicit purpose of expanding their power over us, and providing themselves any sort of legal avenue possible to come after anything we do with our firearms.

In fact, it’s so bad that the language may even effectively prohibit all semi-automatic firearms, as Sean Davis discusses at The Federalist.

“It shall be unlawful for any person … to manufacture, possess, or transfer any part or combination of parts that is designed to increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle,” the bill states. At no point does the proposed legislation specify a base rate of fire against which any illegal increases would be judged, a potentially fatal flaw in the bill’s drafting. As a result, the proposal arguably institutes a federal ban on any and all parts that would allow the gun to fire at all, since the mere ability to fire a semi-automatic weapon by definition increases its rate of fire from zero.

The design of semi-automatic weapons uses the recoil of the weapon generated by the gas explosion in the chamber when a round is fired to automatically chamber a new round, and prepare the weapon to be fired again. Because of this, any parts used in that process would likely be subject to the federal ban proposed in the Curbelo/Moulton bill, since they serve to increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic weapon. Gas tubes, gas blocks, buffer springs, magazines, charging handles, ejectors and extractors, and even triggers themselves could potentially be banned under the bipartisan bump stock ban language proposed by Curbelo and Moulton.

With that in mind, no one should be surprised that’s the case. If you are surprised, you’re not paying attention.

The gun-grabbers will do anything possible to take your right to bear arms. They will use any loophole, any little obscure thing to attack you and your self-defense rights. They simply do not care if it’s unconstitutional, if you are innocent, or if it will do anything to stop more mass shootings.

They. Do. Not. Care.

The left doesn’t actually care about crime, violence, mental health issues, or anything else… they only care about one thing; power. Everything the left does is designed to increase government (and the left’s) power over the people, and this is the driving force behind everything that they are. Their every inclination is to grow government and undermine our liberty. Sadly, some in the GOP are now joining them on their crusade.

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