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The Left is NOT going to be happy about the information contained in the latest poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC. 

Nearly HALF of Americans say that they currently have a gun in their home, meaning that somewhere around half of the American population likely has easy access to a firearm. That’s 115 Million (give or take a few million) adults with a gun close at hand, which explains why no foreign country will ever invade the United States. Our real fears lie with terrorists, rogue nations with nuclear weapons, and whatever crazy fear the Left has at any given moment (the Ozone layer depleting, Global Cooling, Global Warming, Nuclear Energy, etc).

Here’s the data table from the WSJ/NBC poll:

Moreover, 42% of the poll’s respondents were “bothered a great deal” by the government’s continued attempts to place restrictions on our gun rights.

Also, a full 50% of the poll’s respondents also believed that the government had ALREADY gone “too far in restricting citizens gun rights.”

The NRA is touting the latest poll results and wondering why it is that the media has been so slow in reporting these latest figures? They also wondered if the new information would force Democrats to rethink their anti-gun positions, or if the Democrats would continue to soldier on in their attempts to rob us of our rights?

Throughout their many failures, gun control advocates have comforted themselves with their belief that gun ownership is falling and that they will be able to achieve their policy goals once the number of gun owners sufficiently dwindles. Polling data on gun ownership rates is inherently suspect. Gun ownership is a personal decision, and given the politically-charged nature of the topic and government efforts to restrict gun rights, some gun owners are reluctant to share this personal information with strangers. This could result in polling that underreports gun ownership. Other research further suggests that female spouses living in gun-owning households tend to underreport firearm ownership…

The WSJ/NBC poll asked, “Do you, or does anyone in your household, own a gun of any kind?” 48 percent replied that they have a gun in their household. This number was higher than several previous iterations of the same poll. In 1999, the poll observed a 44 percent rate of household gun ownership. In four polls conducted between 2011 and 2015, the number ranged from 39 to 42 percent.  Of course, you didn’t read any headlines of this fact in this week’s press, which would have been front page news if the number had gone down.

Despite polling that refutes some of their most-cherished narratives, no one should expect gun control zealots to come to grips with political reality. Politicians on the other hand are guided by self-preservation. Along with their recent fortunes at the polls, the WSJ/NBC survey should have national Democratic leaders questioning whether their support for gun control makes for good politics.

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