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Wired has a new, stunning report showing that the gun grabbers “best” attempt at a stupid idea was really, really stupid.

Many 2nd Amendment supporters have spent a lot of ink and a lot of their time explaining why so-called “Smart Guns” are such a bad idea, I won’t rehash their arguments but you can see them here, here, here, and here. The point is that there are many, many reasons that law abiding gun owners HATE the idea of being asked to use “smart guns” particularly when the criminals continue to use “dumb guns.”

Recently, the folks at Wired online found a new reason that we should consign “smart guns” to the dustbin of history – they are incredibly easy to “hack.”

According to a hacker who goes by the name of Plore, says that he was able to exploit a series of critical security vulnerabilities in one of the industry’s leading smart guns, the Armatix IP1.

Off Grid Survival explains what Plore found:

Plore discovered, and demonstrated to WIRED at a Colorado firing range, that he could hack the gun with a disturbing variety of techniques, all captured in the video below.

  • He showed that the gun could be extended from the range of the watch’s radio signal, allowing anyone to fire the gun when it’s more than ten feet away.
  • He demonstrated how he jammed the gun’s radio signals to prevent its owner from firing it
  • He showed that he could mechanically disable the gun’s locking mechanism by placing cheap magnets alongside the gun, firing the gun at will even when the watch is completely absent.

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Watch the action for yourself below:

This is just more evidence of what we’ve been saying all along – there is simply no reason for law abiding citizens to use “smart gun” technology in its current form. We are all for improving gun safety and finding new ways to ensure that gun ownership is safe, but “smart guns” are a step backward not forward.


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