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Many people are not aware of what the difference is between constitutional carry and concealed carry. Concealed carry is exactly what it sounds like, people are allowed, with a permit in many states but not all, to carry a gun concealed on their person, in their purse, computer bag or car. Constitutional carry is the right to carry a gun openly or concealed without the need of a government issue permit. States run by conservatives who value the constitutional rights of American citizens have been passing more concealed carry and constitutional carry laws to give their residents the right to protect themselves wherever they may be.

In a move that will surely send the political left into some sort of tizzy or tantrum, the governor of South Carolina is ready to galvanize the 2nd Amendment in his state.

The right to bear arms in America is an absolutely essential right, with only the freedom of speech possibly being considered more important to our nation.  As cliche as the phrase has become, the 2nd Amendment is what allows all other amendments to be enforced by We The People, as Governor Henry McMaster explicitly understands.  That’s why McMaster has told state legislators that he is ready to get a certain bill sent up to his desk so that he can promptly sign it into law.

Gov. McMaster replaced Governor Nikki Haley, as she was selected by President Donald Trump to be the US Ambassador to the United Nations. McMaster is a conservative Republican who spent 13 years in the US Army, protecting America. Now he was to give South Carolina residents the right to protect themselves.


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