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How would you feel if the city you lived in passed an ordinance that banned all firearms from any properties or land owned by the city? What if you held a legal concealed carry license, but were forced to leave you gun in the car or at home to do anything involving the city?

How safe would you feel if all city property were gun free zones? A growing number of cities, counties and some states are doing just that.

When the Board of Selectman in Southbury met to hear public input on the matter, there was quite a line of people waiting to get in. After 3 hours of meeting, they stopped all further comments until a later time.

Democrats were pushing for the ordinance while Republicans are against it and it seemed there were plenty of people on both sides at the meeting.

Southbury is considering whether to ban firearms at all town properties and on all town-owned land.

Residents lined up at the Board of Selectmen meeting to the auditorium of Pomperaug High School on Judd Road on Thursday night.

“I want to be safe when I go to a public place and a public meeting,” Mary Ellen Cleary, of Southbury, told NBC Connecticut News.

After three hours of people pleading their cases, the Board of Selectmen ended the discussion because the school needed to be locked up. They’ve delayed a decision about whether the town should look into the potential ban until Nov. 16…

Opponents of the proposed city ordinance stated that you can’t just ‘cherry pick’ the Constitution and the ordinance is usurping the constitutional rights of the people. Another man stood up and told the board that gun free zones are more dangerous because that’s where whackos target. However, Democrats have heard all of these arguments before and they don’t care about constitutional rights or safety, all they care about is banning guns any way they can.



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