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Throughout the last few months, Americans have been having a rigorous debate about both the Second Amendment and the absolute need to keep our nation’s schoolchildren safe.

And, make no mistake about it, Americans are uniquely suited to having rigorous debates.  We practically invented the practice back about 240 years ago when we decided that our ability to say whatever it is that we want is the most important freedom that a person can have.

So, of course, these last few months have been a bit raucous.  We have young, idealistic ideologues on the left blathering on about Australia’s gun ban, Britain’s crime statistics, and other fairy tales of the world of firearms.  Their hope is to completely obliterate the right to bear arms, essentially handing the remainder of the Bill of Rights over to our governmental overlords in the process.

These narratives are all still missing something extremely important, however:  How are we going to keep the kids safe at school?  Leave it to the American south and the great state of Georgia to answer that question for us.

The Laurens County school board has approved a policy allowing select staff to carry guns on school property, in vehicles, and at school functions, The Telegraph reported.

Laurens County Schools is believed to be the state’s only district to go forward with such a policy, said Justin Pauly of the Georgia School Boards Association.

Teachers and staff who carry guns will do so on a voluntary basis and receive intensive training, Laurens County Schools Superintendent Dan Brigman said. He says the policy will be developed with the county sheriff’s department.

Brigman said the district is not arming all teachers, “nor will we have teachers or any other staff members ‘openly’ carrying firearms during the school day. “The processes to support this approved policy will be developed in a very careful and confidential manner in partnership with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department.”

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And even if only one, or possibly two teachers decide to participate, the allowance of firearms in school is itself a deterrent for ne’er do wells who are looking for an unimpeded rampage.

By simply allowing our nation’s school to determine for themselves whether or not they will be “gun free zones” is an excellent way to make a potential perpetrator think twice.  Otherwise, the sign outside of these locations should really just say “fish in a barrel.



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