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The Second Amendment has become a bit of a touchy subject in America these days, with the liberal left wincing at the mere mention of firearms in everyday life.

Call it ignorance, or revisionist history, but the liberal left has completely changed the way that we look at our nation’s past.  Instead of exalting the brave men and women who founded this great nation, we’re tearing down the Founding Fathers by incessantly examining their faults – many of which were due to the environmental and societal factors of the era.

The Second Amendment, however, was not meant to evolve with time…at least not according to the amendment itself.

“…Shall not be infringed…”

Those very specific, very poignant words are the key to all of this nonsensical rhetoric finally be tossed aside.  You see, the Founding Fathers have said, undeniably, that they may not know what the future holds, but, regardless of that, the right to bear arms is the only true path to experiencing freedom.

And while we are certainly seeing rampant, unmitigated attacks against this all important bit of the Bill of Rights, there are still fine Americans out there doing all that they can to keep us safe from the reaches of tyranny.  In Spokane, Washington, those brave souls are organizing, and cooking up something incredible.

“March for our rights” organizers are planning a demonstration in Spokane Saturday morning with a purpose to educate people on firearms.

The “march for our rights” is intended to be a rally in support of the second amendment. Organizers will be in the northeast corner of Franklin Park with one central message: People should not be afraid of firearms.

The event is hosted by Spokane Conceal Carry. Organizers Tadd Howard and Chris Evola hope to encourage people to legally open carry.

Evola, who started Spokane Conceal Carry in November, said his goal is to educate people about their gun rights and to give gun enthusiasts a way to connect.

“We want to educate people that we aren’t dangerous people just because we choose to carry a firearm,” Evola said.

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It looks as though Evola will have some excellent company as well.

According to the Facebook event, Washington State Representatives Matt Shea and Bob McCaslin will be at the demonstration and will be giving speeches.

Now here’s hoping that all of this effort and planning will allow the left to lend an ear to what these folks have to say.  Otherwise, we’ll be explaining the Second Amendment to the liberally-handicapped for another 240 years.


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