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As Democrats continue to push for more and stricter gun control laws, a number of states, who value a person’s right to self-defense, have expanded the rights of people with concealed carry weapons. In a couple of states, that expansion of rights gives people with concealed carry permits to carry their weapons on college campuses, allowing many students to carry a gun for self-defense.

Laws allowing concealed guns on college campuses took effect Saturday in several states, including Georgia and Kansas.

In Tennessee, concealed guns may now be carried in a broader range of public buildings and bus stations. And in Iowa, permit holders are now able to carry concealed guns in the Capitol.

Jennifer Baker, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association Institute of Legislative Action, described 2017 as another “successful year for gun rights.”

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The new laws continue a pattern of the expansion of gun rights in GOP-controlled states…

The actions of these states shows that conservatives not only care about the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens, but they also believe that the rise in campus crime needs to be stopped.  One of the best way is to arm students, especially coeds with night classes who have to walk across the campuses at night, alone. If they want, they can now obtain a concealed carry permit and carry a gun for protection.




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