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Gun control deters violence, especially gun violence, or so the rhetoric used by gun control advocates go. They ignore the facts and continue to repeat their lies, hoping that they will convince others to pick up their cause which is to disarm the American people. However, strict gun control laws have done just to opposite in places like Australia, Chicago, Baltimore and Mexico.

Every time there is a mass shooting, gun control advocates come out of the woodwork, calling for more gun control. They repeat the same old rhetoric that guns are responsible for violence and if we had more and stricter gun control laws, it would slow the violence.

So, let’s look at some examples to see if they are right.

In 1996, newly elected Prime Minister John Howard of Australia pushed for stricter gun control. That year the Australian Parliament passed the National Firearms Agreement which banned the private ownership of all semiautomatic rifles and semiautomatic and pump action shotguns. The new law also established more restrictions in the licensing of other firearms.

According to the National Firearms Agreement private citizens were forced to turn over the banned weapons in a government buyback system…

It’s up to honest citizens like us to make sure the American people know the truth about the affects stricter gun control and even gun bans have had on violent crime in many places throughout the world and the US. Mexico’s gun control laws are far more restrictive than any in the US and yet their murder rates are five times higher than that of the US. The American people need to know this.




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