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Suppressors, or “silencers” as they’re called in the movies, are one of the most controversial bits of firearm technology in the public forum today. They shouldn’t be, but they are.

Suppressors perform an important task and protect the ears of the shooter and those who happen to be near a shooter. A suppressor simply muffles the sound of a firing gun and takes it from being an extremely loud event, to be a somewhat loud event. For example, your average AR-15 equipped with a suppressor would still be about as loud as a jackhammer when fired. Hardly “silenced.”

But the leftwing in American politics believes that suppressors work just like the movies tell us they do. When we speak of suppressors they imagine men dressed all in black, shooting almost silent weapons at their terrified prey.

Because of this misconception about suppressors, the technology is banned in 8 states and is highly regulated and costly or difficult to get in the rest of the nation. To combat this anti-suppressor bias conservatives have introduced the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) in an effort to make it the purchase of suppressors a far easier task in America. Currently buying a suppressor in most of America is about as difficult as buying an actual machine gun, and that’s ridiculous. If HPA passes into law, it would eliminate the tax on suppressors, make the purchasing process easier, and remove silencers from the list of weapons regulated by the National Firearms Act.

The passage of the HPA law could come at the perfect time for the gun industry. As sales have begun to slow (now that there is a 2nd Amendment friendly administration in office), the streamlined sales of suppressors could kickstart another BOOM for the industry.

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From the Motley Fool:

Public misperceptions about gun silencers is probably what kept American Outdoor Brands‘ (NASDAQ:AOBC) purchase of leading suppressor manufacturer Gemini Technologies from exciting the market as much as it should have. But it is a smart acquisition nonetheless that comes at an opportune time for the firearms manufacturer, as it will help it better target and keep pace with rival Sturm, Ruger (NYSE:RGR) while preparing for the boom to come…

As support mounts for passage of the HPA, it underscores why American Outdoor Brands saw this as an opportune time to enter the suppressor market. Gemtech might not be the biggest suppressor manufacturer — SilencerCo reportedly owns around 70% of the market — but it is one of the leading companies nonetheless, and its acquisition marks the first time a major gunmaker has teamed up with a major suppressor company…

Although American Outdoor Brands didn’t say how much it paid for Gemtech, it was probably at a discounted price. If the HPA does get approved, it ought to open the floodgates of pent-up demand as well as introduce more gun enthusiasts into the market. By acquiring one of the leaders in the field now, American Outdoor Brands is making sure it will make a lot of noise when it happens.


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