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In Nebraska, a number of county and local jurisdictions have stricter gun control laws than the state does. Consequently, someone traveling across the state can get in trouble with the local law enforcement officials and end up being arrested for gun violations, if they are not careful. A new bill being introduced into the state legislature would intends to make the laws consistent throughout the state.

Your urgent action is needed to ensure that Legislative Bill 68 passes its first floor vote!  LB 68 would help protect the Second Amendment rights of all Nebraskans by ensuring that firearm and ammunition laws are consistent throughout the state.  A floor vote is expected any day now!

Your Senator’s vote could make a difference!

Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Senator in SUPPORT of LB 68!


Nebraskans are currently at risk for inadvertently violating the law as they travel through the state due to local gun ordinances that are more restrictive than state law.  LB 68, sponsored by state Senator Mike Hilgers (LD 21), would fix this problem by creating a preemption statute to eliminate this confusing patchwork of laws.

Each senator is allowed to designate one bill each year as their personal priority.  Senator Hilgers has made LB 68 his priority bill, ensuring that it will be heard in the Legislature.



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