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Ever been out running errands or shopping and came across a store that had a sign posted to let you know that they do not allow guns inside?

Did you have your gun on you?

If you’re anything like me, you probably had your EDC on you and do not feel comfortable parting with it.

SO what do you do at this point?

Here’s a couple of pointers on how to handle it:

Step 1: Respect The Signage

Step 2: Discuss Why Concealed Carry Is A Good Thing

The best way to understand a business owner’s decision to enforce a “gun free zone” is to ask why he feels he needs one in the first place.  If the reason is because he doesn’t want his business to be robbed, kindly point out that concealed carriers are generally law-abiding individuals interested in simply going about their business — not robbing the place.  Armed criminals, however, don’t need to legally obtain their guns or their permit to carry concealed.

If the reason is because the business uses high-powered electromagnets with variable voltage and current, you’re probably in Doctor Frankenstein’s castle and should leave before his monster gets loose.

Step 3: Discuss The Benefits Of Added Business

Letting concealed carriers come and go as they please through a business improves foot traffic and increases the likelihood of business.  If a concealed carrier has a choice between two shoe shops, for example, he will generally choose the one which allows him to go inside with his gun.

For small-to-medium business owners, they have to compete with a growing world of Amazon, eBay, and a slew of other online retailers.  Even service-related professions are increasingly becoming Uber-ized.  So, increasing a loyal base of customers is always in the business owner’s interest.  Allowing concealed carry is a great first step.

Added bonus: Nobody has to know there are concealed carriers inside the business.  Simply removing the ridiculous signage is enough.

Step 4: Invite The Business Owner To A Gun Range

The best way to get over an irrational fear of guns is to get to use one in a responsible setting.  Going out to a beautiful outdoor gun range is the perfect way to get acquainted with firearms.  This is an opportunity to learn that firearms are just tools — and in the hands of the ‘good guys’, they can be used to save lives.

In conclusion, if you speak to a business owner who has “no gun” signs on his or her doors, you’re creating the opportunity to open up a business to a new class of customers as well as promote the culture.  Responsible concealed carriers are a boon to any business.

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