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There is a very certain, very disturbing reality to be examined here in America:  Our children are not safe when forced into “gun free zones” for hours at a time.

If you take a look at the mass shootings that our nation has endured over the course of the last few decades, there seems to be a few common denominators running between them all.

One, the shooters all tend to be young men whose mental health has been supplemented at one point in their lives by medicines in a class known as “selective serotonin re-upatke inhibitors”.

Two – they have almost exclusively occurred within areas known as “gun free zones”, where law abiding citizens face serious consequences for carrying a firearm.  The criminals, however, are unconcerned with consequences, allowing them to carry a firearm without fear of a retribution they already intend to face.

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One such place where guns are scarce, and children are exposed, are our nation’s universities.  Texas has addressed this issue by allowing for “campus carry”, but not without its challengers.

Today, one such bit of legal obstruction hit a brick wall in the form of a common sense ruling in the Lone Star State.

A unanimous three-judge panel last week rejected a lawsuit by three University of Texas professors who do not want legal concealed carry in their classes.

The panel for the 5th U.S. Circuit on Thursday upheld Texas’ campus carry law, affirming a lower court ruling from last July. The judges found the professors could not prove their case, which largely centered on First Amendment grounds. The faculty members, three female liberal arts professors whose classwork sometimes touches on controversial subjects such as abortion and unwanted pregnancies, argued the carry of guns in their classes would chill open and frank discussion, thus hindering their right to free speech.

The professors include Dr. Jennifer Lynn Glass, the Barbara Bush Professor of Liberal Arts; Dr. Lisa Moore, the Archibald T. Hill Professor of English and Women’s and Gender Studies; and Dr. Mia Carter, an associate professor of English and Modern Studies. The professors filed suit against the state just weeks before the new campus carry law was to take effect in 2016 arguing that, since they cannot exercise their individual option to forbid handguns in their classrooms under the “well-regulated” clause of the Second Amendment, their due process and equal protection rights are being trampled in addition to squelching their freedom of speech.

Given the import of this ruling, and the unsuccessful challenge, it is possible that such a bold stance could spread around the nation in the coming weeks…just in time to keep our back-to-school children safe.



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