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No one, and I repeat no one wants to see our innocent American children gunned down the way that we have in recent months.  This is something that the liberal left is ignoring completely.

Instead of listening to the rational and tested argument of conservatives when it comes to keeping students safe, the left simply plug their ears and shout “REPEAL THE SECOND AMENDMENT! LALALALALALA!” every time that the subject is introduced.

The truth of the matter is that there is no one in the conservative spectrum who believes that this is “acceptable” or believes that “this is the price you pay” for the Second Amendment.

This is precisely a situation that is designed for the Second Amendment to solve.

And that’s what Texans are telling their state officials in the wake of a horrific shooting at a high school in the Lone Star State this week.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said Friday on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” that students and parents told him after the Santa Fe shooting that they should begin arming teachers.

Patrick said, “I was there with Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott earlier this evening and there were a lot of student friends in [the hospital visiting those who were injured]. And they all said ‘we want to arm our teachers.’ The parents all said ‘we want to arm our teachers.’”

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And Patrick was also willing to address a piece of the school shooting puzzle that many other officials have steered clear of:  Parental influence and responsibility.

“Governor Abbott is going to put together round tables, we’ll begin meeting next week with people from all points of view, from educators to those pro-gun and anti-gun. Everything we can do to see how we can stop this from happening again” Patrick said, before adding, “every parent out there, if you have a gun legally, as I do, lock them up and keep them away.”

In Santa Fe, the weapons used were a shotgun and .38 revolver belonging to the shooter’s parents.

Unfortunately, while sanity seems to be prevailing in the Great State of Texas, we are concurrently witnessing pure lunacy in other locales as one Senator from Connecticut even went so far as to call the Second Amendment “imaginary” this week.


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