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That question was asked by a partnership of Newsweek and Quora and one teacher responded in the post below. Personally, I believe that every teacher and school staff member that is properly trained, should be allowed to conceal carry weapons on school campuses. If more of them were armed, fewer wackos will target schools and fewer kids will be killed or wounded.

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Answer from Daniel Kaplan, teacher:

Until 2016, my Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit was valid on school campuses in California. There was a legal exemption for peace officers and valid CCW holders which allowed them to carry in so-called “Gun-Free School Zones.” As of 2016, the legislature and governor decided that I should not be able to carry on school campuses by signing SB 707.

The fact that they allow a number of other people, including retired law enforcement agents (a very broad term including a lot of people you wouldn’t think of as law enforcement agents), many of whom have never trained and are (on paper) as trained and trustworthy as I am, doesn’t make a difference to them. Apparently not all citizens are equal. The law was appealed and upheld, but is still in the courts, with those opposed claiming that it is a constitutional violation and a matter of discrimination.

Liberal Democrats are more concerned about pushing their anti-gun agenda than they are in protecting your children. It shows that they do not care about your child’s safety or life. They are willing to sacrifice your child’s life in order to disarm the American people and make everyone vulnerable to criminals and a corrupt, left-winged socialist government.



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