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I rarely give any credence to gun control advocates or groups but in this case, a web tool created by a gun control group can be useful for gun rights advocates as well.

Americans are more mobile today than ever before. Many of us travel to or through other states. Not knowing the gun laws in those states can get you in serious legal trouble.

Not every state recognizes concealed carry permits from other states and if cross a state line and are caught with your concealed carry weapon, you could find yourself being heavily fined and even sent to prison for violating the state’s gun laws.

Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Everytown for Gun Safety has launched a web tool that tracks the gun laws in every state. They intend the tool to be used to help push more gun control, but gun advocates can use the tool to help prevent themselves from getting arrested and jailed.

Everytown for Gun Safety this week launched an interactive online tool comparing gun laws between states over the past 25 years.

The gun control group says Gun Law Navigator users can use the tool to see how gun laws have changed in states across the country and claim it’s the “largest historical database of current American gun laws.”

“Two years in the making, the Gun Law Navigator … covers hundreds of state laws related to gun background checks, who can possess and who can carry guns, concealed carry permitting systems, and restrictions on access to guns by domestic abusers,” Everytown said in a press release announcing the web application’s launch…

I wonder what the folks at Everytown for Gun Safety would think or do if they learned that their new web tool was being used by thousands of gun rights advocates to protect themselves from being unnecessarily getting into legal trouble while traveling. If you plan on going hunting in another state, do you know the laws for legally transporting your gun(s) across the state line? Better find out first.




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