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Neo-com Democrats once again are calling for more gun control after Sunday’s mass shooting at a Texas church. Actually, proper gun control laws were in place but human error on the part of the US Air Force allowed the shooter to purchase his guns. No one can say what he would have done had not been able to legally purchase the guns, but one thing seems to be fairly certain and this is he was intent on hurting someone or as many people as possible. He had a history of violence but in these cases, he used his hands and not a gun.

Another thing is certain and that is there may have been many more people killed had it not been for a local resident with a gun who stopped the shooter from killing any more people at the church.

While on his visit to Japan, President Donald Trump was asked about the need for more gun control and he referred to the disastrous effects strict gun control laws have had in Chicago.

President Donald Trump incorrectly asserted once again Tuesday that Chicago has “the strongest gun laws in our nation” as he argued that tougher regulations would not have stopped the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, over the weekend.

In fact, Trump told reporters in Seoul, South Korea, that “hundreds more” would have died in the Texas church had another man not been able to “neutralize” the alleged killer with a gun of his own.

Trump made the comments when asked during a news conference whether he would entertain “extreme vetting” on guns in the wake of the shooting in which a gunman killed 26 people.

“Look at the city with the strongest gun laws in our nation — Chicago,” Trump replied. “Chicago is a disaster, a total disaster. If this man did not have a gun or rifle it would have been a much worse situation in the great state of Texas.” …

Chicago may not have the strictest, but they are among those with the strictest gun control laws and like other cities with strict gun control laws and also run by neo-com Democrats, have the highest rates of gun violence and homicides in the nation. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had the best response to the church shooting and was when he said we don’t need more gun control laws, but we do need to arm more citizens.



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