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The Hillary clowns seem to have finally given up hope of their candidate having the title of “Madame President.” However, now that reality is setting in, they have begun to fear an impending apocalypse….a Trumpocalypse, if you will.


They called us crazy for preparing for the worst when the media made it seem like Hillary was leading the polls. We bought guns and non-perishable food, along with water and first aid supplies. We wanted to be able to live off the grid, and survive, if worse came to worse. NOW, the tables have turned and instead of mocking us, they are preparing for a doomsday. A doomsday that is much farther away now that Republicans are taking back over.

It would be hard to overstate how negatively many on the left feel about Trump.  We have seen many of them take to the streets to angrily protest his election, and according to the BBC others have decided to stockpile food and guns “in preparation for social and economic collapse”…


In America, stockpiling weapons and food, in preparation for social and economic collapse, has tended to be the preserve of right-wing libertarians and foes of “big government”. But the Liberal Prepper Facebook group – up to now a small band – reports a big increase in enquiries.


“A lot of people are worried that not only will [a Trump presidency] fail but that it will fail spectacularly to the point that we are going to end up on in one or more critical situations that we are just not prepared for,” says Jeff, 36, one of the group’s members.

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So the left believe that Trump can single handedly destroy our government, our economy, and our country in just 4 years? I don’t see how that’s even possible. Nothing Trump does can even amount to the destruction that we have witness under the thumb of Obama.


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