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Georgia Representative John Lewis made a very dumb decision by sending tens of thousands of gun owners a very clear message: “You are not welcome here.”

In an attempt to stop NRA members, gun owners, and second amendment activists from attending the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, he send the nasty email implying that with us in town, it was no longer safe. Atlanta isn’t safe as it is! I do not go into the city without my gun loaded and my doors locked! Guess What? Despite his attempts, we still showed up, and not a single person was hurt in the process.

According to Atlanta Journal Constitution, Lewis was speaking to a crow of gun prohibitionists when he said:

“I must say to the NRA that you are not welcome here in the 5th district, you are not welcome here in Atlanta. We need to make our cities, our states, our neighborhoods free of gun violence,” he continued, “The man who came yesterday and spoke, it was the first time since Ronald Reagan that (a president) would come to speak to the NRA. Sometime you have to get angry, you have to have a sense of righteous indignation. Well, I have it, I’m fired up.”

So while we are celebrating that we finally have a president who is protecting our rights and getting involved, Lewis is chastising Trump for it.

If the late Charlton Heston, past five-term National Rifle Association president were still alive and present, as he was in 1999 in Denver following the Columbine tragedy, he might have told Lewis, “We’re already here.”


It evidently doesn’t matter that NRA members may have just added several million dollars to the local economy, or that for this weekend the area around the convention center was filled with legal, law-abiding gun owners who didn’t harm a soul.

The final attendance figure will not be available until Monday morning’s meeting of the NRA Board of Directors. The pre-convention estimates ranged between 70,000 and 80,000, which seems fairly typical for an NRA annual members’ meeting and exhibition in recent years.

I was there myself, and I can say that there were thousands upon thousands of people at the World Congress Center, in attendance of the NRA annual meeting, and that was just during my time there on Friday. The convention ran from Thursday until Sunday. So I can only imagine the numbers of people who showed up across that four day span.


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