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One of the great arguments regarding representative government will always revolve around where their jurisdiction ends and our personal responsibility begins.

This is a complex issue that may very well never have a true, bona fide answer.  Just as we cut grass down to a uniform level to show our sophistication, so too do we limit our governmental oversight.  We don’t want to be ruled over by a political class who exploits our output as laborers in order to capture our money right back as consumers.  That sounds just a little too similar to a stunt that the British were pulling all the way up to 1776.

So we draw a line.  We say, “over this line, the government does not cross”.  For a great many people, this line encircles the way in which their children will be raised.

Mothers and fathers of the world don’t want the government grooming their children any more than they are already going to via the public education system and greater academia.  We still want to parent, as the verb.

We spend hours and weeks picking out the right daycare centers, at least for those of us unable to commit a parent to the home every day.  For many, this is one of the most challenging choices that they will ever make, as it directly affects the development of their child’s behavior and personality.  Nitpicking parents will want to know what their child is learning, who their child is interacting with, and how those interactions are going.

Daycare is far more intense than naps and diapers, y’all.

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That is why some parents are concerned over a decision made by a majority of such facilities in England, where their children will be forbidden from playing with toy guns, swords, or knives.  Period.

Almost four in five UK nurseries ban children and infants from playing with toy weapons over fears it will encourage violence, a survey has found.

Critics slammed the politically correct teachers for banning superhero role play and games like ‘cops and robbers’ and ‘baddies and goodies’, effectively making active and exciting play harder.

Some experts point out there is little evidence children who play with guns are more violent as adults, and target shooting as an adult has long been considered one of the safest sports in the world, enjoying an impeccable safety record and a heavy emphasis on personal responsibility for the safety of the self and others.

The poll found a massive 79 percent of schools questioned said toy weapons, including swords and plastic guns, were not allowed on their premises, while 21 percent said they were allowed.

One in 20 has also banned superhero costumes, the survey of 1,125 nursery owners, managers, and staff in February and March found.

As silly as it sounds, archetypal narratives contained within the “Cops and Robbers” trope can create a positive impact on the development of our youth, as well as preparing them for the difficult world ahead when both roles are required experience.



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