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Uh, this does not make any sense. How on earth could Chicago’s violence be blamed on the legal, law abiding citizens who follow the rules to a T? Hmmmm….sounds a lot like avoidance if you ask me. Mr. Gutierrez needed a scapegoat and picked the most illogical, yet controversial organization to toss the blame.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez stated:

But…[President Trump is] with the NRA. The NRA that endorsed him, [that is]…so part of his relationship. You know that NRA did? It crippled the laws of the city of Chicago and the courts, so that we cannot keep guns off our streets.

Here’s the hypocrisy of it all. The fact is, Donald Trump loves the NRA. And during his campaign he embraced them and they embraced him. The city of Chicago had some of the most stringent gun control laws, how were they eviscerated? Because the NRA funded lawsuits against our gun control measures.

Uhhhh, NO SIR! Try selling that load of BS to someone else because it’s falling on deaf ears here.

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