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Watch out feminists! We know you are all for women’s rights and all…..Wow, I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.

Anyway, here is one red hot mamma jamma who used to be afraid of guns and is now out in the trenches of a politically correct war teaching women gun safety.  Yep, that’s right: She used to be afraid of guns! Even though she worked as a probation officer, she never carried one!

Guns are our friends! They are nothing to fear! Good guys with guns are the ones who stop the bad guys with guns!

Javondlynn M. Dunagan is working hard to give women a sense of empowerment and actually created a group for women to come learn and regain their strength. It is called JMD Defense & Investigations on Chicago’s South Side and it is there that she safely teaches other women how to handle and use a variety of firearms.

Blavity reports:

“I used to look at a gun and think it was just going to jump off the table,” said Dunagan. After divorcing her husband, who was a police officer, she realized she had to overcome that fear because “I felt uncomfortable not having a gun in the house.”

She began to take shooting classes in 2013, and one thing led to another.

“I said, ‘I’m going to tackle this fear and start carrying a gun, and I’m going to get over this,’ and it turned out I fell in love with firearms,” she added. As she started to practice at gun ranges, she noticed the lack of women, especially black women.

So after retiring in 2016, Dunagan opened her own gun club, one that caters exclusively to women.

“I said if I used to be afraid of guns and now I’m loving this, I’m certain there are other women who have this same fear, and so I started talking to other ladies, and it was the same thing,” Dunagan said.

And she was right! Her club now has 17 members who meet twice a month!

“It’s a small setting, so you don’t get in the crowd, and you can interact with the instructor,” club member Sheryl Franklin told DNAInfo, “They take the time to break down how to handle the different firearms and how to be safe, which is most important.”

“That really impressed me,” Franklin said about the fact that her instructor was a woman. “I was excited about it because there was finally someone who understood my fear of guns, overcame it and was now sharing that with women.”

In addition to the normal shooting course, there’s “Mommy and Me Self Defense” classes for girls and separate self-defense classes each for adult women and college-bound teen girls.

Dunagan closed out with the following statement, “We all need to learn something and take responsibility for our own defense.”

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