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The polarization of Americans on the issue of gun rights has become a focal point of the national narrative in recent weeks, with a plethora of reactions echoing throughout the nation.

States who have historically stood by the inalienable Second Amendment have, predictably, pushed back against the liberal calls for a full repeal of 2A, while some of the less gun-friendly locales have been succumbing to the pressure.

And, no matter what your city, county, or state feels about the right to bear arms, there are very few populated areas in America today that aren’t at least voicing their opinions on the subject.

Such is the case in the State of Vermont, where a number of gun rights activists had gathered in order to promote their own support of the Second Amendment.  As an added caveat to the gathering, participants were handed a fairly unique parting gift.

Gun rights activists gave our free rifle magazines Saturday in Montpelier as Vermont Gov. Phil Scott was poised to sign gun-control proposals into law.

The rally, which drew hundreds of people to the steps of the Statehouse, was a protest against restrictions on gun ownership and a lawsuit fundraiser as Second Amendment advocates vowed to take the fight to the court system if Scott signs the bill into law.

The state Senate on Friday approved raising the legal age for gun purchases, expanding background checks for private gun sales and banning high-capacity magazines and rapid-fire devices known as bump stocks. The state House approved the measure earlier this week.

Given the setup of the incoming laws in the liberal leaning state, manufacturers and advocates worked together to make sure that Vermonters would be capable of exercising their right to bear arms in such a capacity for a while to come.

Later, Rob Curtis of Williston, the executive editor of Recoil Magazine, began handing out 1,200 30-round magazines that can be used with AR-15 and M4 weapons. The double line of receivers stretched out and down State Street.

Curtis said that MAGPUL, a mail order and online gun and ammunition retailer based in Wyoming, helped organized the delivery to get ahead of the proposed restrictions.

Magazines already in circulation will be grandfathered in, according to the bill. This means Vermonters who already possess the ammunition can keep it.

This grassroots effort to provide Vermont with the means to fully express their Constitutional rights is a positive sign in a nation increasingly encumbered by the liberal mainstream media and the democratic diatribes that predictably surface in the wake of tragedy.

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