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In a pattern that the left has yet to recognize, responsible gun ownership is going mainstream and reaching into demographics previously believed off-limits to the movement.

As the government continues to clamp down on the way that Americans live their lives, and as our resources are continually being swiped by corporations such as Nestlé, U.S. citizens are realizing the effectiveness of owning a little piece of equalization.

Without the 2nd Amendment, some of the more cohesive and gargantuan pieces of our national structure would be unstoppable machines of oppression, both in the public and private world.  Not only must we concern ourselves with the possibility of a tyrannical turn during our lifetime at the government level, but there are corporations in our great nation who would hope to see us stripped of resources, such as drinking water, that are not currently protected by law.  The only thing keeping this corporate greed in check, when push comes to shove, will be the threat of a revolt by armed Americans.

Given the increasing polarization of our nation, it comes as no surprise that gun ownership is on the rise.  Being armed and ready is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity in our modern day, and that means that firearms are finding their way into the hands of previously underserved demographics such as young adults and women.

That’s where the Well Armed Woman organization comes in.

“According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, more than 326,100 people have a concealed carry permit. Of those, more than 73,400, or 22 percent, are female. The numbers reflect data from December 2017.

“The Well Armed Woman group is a nationwide nonprofit that helps women develop skills in gun ownership. In Southern Arizona, the group is at capacity, with 60 members. Chapter leader Teresa Keefe says there is a waiting list to join the group.

“Keefe attributes the rise in gun ownership to a variety of factors.

“‘I think the No. 1 reason is self-protection. When I grew up, I relied on my dad and brothers to keep me safe. Then when I got married, I relied on my husband to be there if there was an emergency,’ Keefe said. ‘But, sadly, I was a victim of a crime, and when it happened at my house it was just me. That’s my personal reason, and I said from that day forward I’m never going to be that vulnerable.'”

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Certainly for women such as Teresa Keefe, gun ownership has made an incredibly positive impact on her life, and her message to fellow women in America is a powerful one.

If you are interested in learning more about the group, enjoy the video below.


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