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There has always been a bit of mystique surrounding the idea of the Derringer style pistol, and its cousins in the single and double shot, ultra-concealed category.

These are the types of guns that one would normally associate with the ultra clandestine adventures of some incredibly deep under cover government agent, who, in the blink of an eye, may turn into the cold blooded killer they’ve been programmed to be.

Or, perhaps your Derringer opinion falls more in line with the risqué and romantic angle of one of these little powerhouses being discovered in the garter belt of a Dakota territory working girl in between rounds of whiskey, work, and wildcards.

In either case, the weapon carries a mystique that is quite out of the ordinary.  Why, then, would someone luck to make an everyday Derringer?

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One gunmaker believes that this may be the only true way for Ideal Conceal.

The gun’s designer, Kirk Kjellberg, said the idea for the gun arose after someone made a scene over the fact that he was wearing a traditional gun in a restaurant. With the “Ideal Conceal,” no one knows he is carrying.

According to WHDH, Kjellberg said, “When a little child, a boy about 7, saw me and said, ‘Mommy, mommy that guy’s got a gun,’ and that whole restaurant of course turns and stares at you, and I thought there’s just gotta be something better to do than this.” He said his smartphone gun design allows people to carry without having “to engage other people about why they’re carrying that gun.”

Kjellberg’s “Ideal Conceal” looks just like a smartphone. It holds two rounds, and the handle folds out of the phone if the gun needs to be used in a self-defense application.

Now, the gun is headed to retailers.

While we may admit that the Ideal Conceal isn’t the most awe inspiring design, at least in the history of small-magazine, ultra conceal classics, but it absolutely allows us to imagine a world in which the American Second Amendment gets the treatment that it truly deserves.

What the Ideal Conceal lacks in imagination, it makes up for in societal shift.  Now, anyone who could be carrying a cell phone could be carrying a firearm.

That would certainly keep me from turning to a life of crime anytime soon.


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