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The liberals of our great nation had been holding high hopes for 2018, believing that they would soon sway the country to their nonsensical worldview.

Of course, much of this is derived from their incest-like vacuum of opinion and the media echo chambers that they subscribe to.  The purely farcical inbreeding of liberal thought, combined with the left’s unwillingness to ever step outside of their comfort zone, has lead to incredibly worrisome beliefs among their followers.

One such idea is that they would somehow put a damper on the 2nd Amendment in Virginia.

Those anti-American dreams died fast this year, with their proposed gun rights legislation dying just two weeks into 2018.

“Gov. Ralph Northam is set to address a gun control rally at 2 p.m., but much of his firearm agenda died Monday morning in a Republican-controlled Senate committee.

“A Democratic bill to require background checks for gun purchases – a key component of Northam’s gun agenda – died in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. Another Northam-backed bill to allow localities to ban firearms at permitted events – which stemmed from the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville last year – also failed to get through the committee.

“On Monday, the legislature’s annual Lobby Day, backers of gun rights held a morning rally in Capitol Square. Northam is to address a rally against gun violence this afternoon.”

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One piece of legislation did, however, make it onto the next step, thanks to the testimony of a women who survived the Las Vegas shooting in October.

 “The Senate committee did approve of Senate Bill 1 from Sen. Adam Ebbin, D-Alexandria, which would ban ‘bump stocks,’ which are devices that increase the rate of fire for a weapon and were used by the gunman in the Oct. 1 concert shooting in Las Vegas. The committee reported the bill 11-4 and it will now go to the Senate Finance Committee.”
While this is mostly a win for the people of Virginia, there is no doubt that Gov. Northam will continue to push his progressive agenda throughout the year in hopes of bolstering like-minded politicians come the midterms in November.
Hopefully, Virginians will remain vigilant against Northam’s liberal agenda, and send these villainous, liberal scum back to the drawing board once again.


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