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Is there anything in America that some liberal has not tied to racism? Is snow racist becomes it starts white and only gets dark when it gets dirty? I actual heard a black activist make that statement a couple of years ago, along with say the difference between day and night is also racist because night is often associated with evil, crime, spooky things and more.

I guess it should ne surprise to hear some liberal, like the one writing for the Washington Post who wrote that gun rights is all about keeping white males on top. The author claims that gun violence is due to white supremacy and you won’t be able to understand or stop gun violence without first doing the same with white supremacy.

(Washington Post) – Gun violence is rooted in white supremacy. We can’t solve the first without understanding its connection to the second.

Discussions of gun “rights” in the United States usually revolve around debated interpretations of the Second Amendment. But if we truly want to understand the influence of guns in our society, we need to center the debate in a much earlier period, one before the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

In Colonial America, gun ownership equaled power. More specifically, it meant the power to control the means of violence and use those means to suppress the voices of the disenfranchised. Throughout the 17th century, almost all the English colonies along the Eastern Seaboard passed legislation prohibiting women and slaves from owning guns and forbidding the sale of guns to native peoples. By the 18th century, gun ownership had become a defining feature of white masculinity in the English colonies and guns played an integral role in Colonial men’s public displays of that masculinity…

First of all, this person is completely ignorant of American history and that the Second Amendment was written as a direct response to the British tyranny that disarmed as many colonists as possible so as to keep them suppressed under British rule.

Secondly, he obviously did not hear the recent interview with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice who explained why she supported gun rights and Second Amendment.




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