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Washington State Dem Bans Guns from Senate Gallery

Have you ever watched a building collapse after years of erosion or other factors slowly chipping or eating away at the foundation? It’s a slow process but given enough time, it can cause the total destruction and collapse of the largest building and the same thing can happen to a nation as liberals steadily chip away and erode our constitutional rights bit by bit.

States like Washington are run by this type of neo-com anti-American and anti-Constitution Democrats and they have not just been chipping away at America’s foundation, but they’ve been swinging sledge hammers and knocking out chunks at a time.

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Such is the case with their latest action to restrict the Second Amendment rights of citizens.

All firearms will be banned from the public galleries above the Washington Senate floor once the legislative session begins in January, under an order issued Monday by Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib.

Habib, a Democrat who serves as the presiding officer of the chamber, told The Associated Press and Northwest News Network that his goal is to create a safer environment for all working in the Senate. The move comes nearly three years after officials decided to ban openly carried weapons in the House and Senate public viewing areas, as well as the public hearing rooms at the Capitol’s legislative office buildings.

Habib’s order expands that rule to include those carrying concealed weapons with permits. For now, the rule is limited just to the public galleries in the Senate and doesn’t include the committee rooms. The rule also doesn’t cover the House, which would need to take its own action if officials there wanted to follow suit.

“I don’t want us to be implementing this type of order the day after some type of tragedy,” Habib said. “I want to be doing it preemptively and in a way that’s respectful.” …

Don’t forget, this is the state, along with it’s costal neighbors to the south who have been taking rights and freedoms away from American citizens and then giving rights and freedoms to illegal aliens who don’t deserve any rights or freedoms except the right to be arrested and either jailed or deported. It’s also the home of Seattle who is leading the nation in socialist actions.




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