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With American gun owners constantly under attack by the liberal left, it’s about time that one state started diversifying their tactics in the war on the 2nd Amendment.

For decades, democrats have worked both behind the scenes and in the open to nullify the rights of gun owners across our great nation.  By exploiting tragedy and segregating their voters into tiny, workable clans, the left has long been void of any dignity or shame when it comes to achieving their selfish goals.

Outside of constantly railing against the 2nd Amendment, the left has also been busy pushing the concept of “sanctuary cities”, or, places in which federal immigration officers will not be welcomed by or assisted by local law enforcement in the line of duty.  The idea here is that this will allow democrats to keep their precious undocumented immigrant vote numbers come 2018 and 2020, and the bleeding heart liberals of the party will be able to virtue signal their love of minorities at the same time.

Now, conservative lawmakers in West Virginia are taking a good, hard look at the untenable “sanctuary city” model for immigration, and wondering if the concept couldn’t be applied in the fight to protect the 2nd Amendment.

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“House Bill 2138, introduced by Republican Del. Pat McGeehan, would effectively nullify all federal gun control within the state’s boundaries, according to a report from the Tenth Amendment Center. The bill would make any attempt to enforce such laws a felony.

“HB2138 reads:

“’All current and future federal, state, and local statutes, ordinances, laws, orders, rules, and any other actions which attempt to restrict, tax, or regulate the possession, use, discharge in lawful self-defense, transportation, purchase, acquisition, sale, transfer, ownership, carrying, manufacture, or repair of firearms, firearm accessories, ammunition and their accouterments contradict the true meaning and original intent of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and Section twenty-two, Article III of the Constitution of the State of West Virginia. Those statutes, ordinances, laws, orders and rules which violate the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of West Virginia are invalid, and therefore, are null and void.’”

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There’s nothing quite like given the democrats a taste of their own medicine, is there?

Whether or not West Virginia can successfully pull off their “sanctuary” status for firearms has yet to be seen, but the concept will certainly reignite not only the battle for the 2nd Amendment in the Mountain State, but the battle for states’ rights as well.



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