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Whoa! The largest pro-second amendment bill in the history of Iowa legislature has passed and goes into effect on July 1st! House File 517, also known as the Omnibus Gun Law, is officially state law!

The Iowa Firearms Coalition states that the HF517 bill is not only the largest pro-second amendment bill to be passed in Iowa’s history, but it is also 2017’s most comprehensive pro-gun owner bill that has been passed in the entire nation!

The bill has numerous provisions for second amendment rights! They include:  Stand Your Ground law, legalizing youth handgun shooting, legalizing short-barreled rifles and shotguns, protecting the personal information of Permit to Carry holders, increasing penalties for straw purchasers who buy guns for criminals, and several more.

Here is a complete breakdown of each provision covered by HF517:

Division 1 – Legalizing SBRs/SBSs – effective July 1
Removes Short Barreled Rifles (SBRs) and Short Barreled Shotguns (SBSs) from Iowa’s list of
“Offensive Weapons”

Division 2 – Going Armed with Intent – effective July 1
Makes it so that lawfully carrying a firearms does not imply intent to harm another person.

Division 2 – Duty to Carry Permit – effective July 1
Under Iowa law citizens with a Permit to Carry Weapons shall have their permit in their
“immediate possession.” Failure to do this is a misdemeanor.

Division 3 – Firearm Safety Training Program – effective July 1
Hunter Safety Courses that include a handgun safety training program will be accepted as valid
training needed to qualify for a Permit to Carry.

Division 3 – Permit Renewal Requirements – effective July 1
Firearm safety training is no longer needed for permit renewals, only for your initial Permit to
Carry application.

Division 3 – Permits for Military Personnel and Veterans – effective July 1
A military veteran’s DD214 is now acceptable for proof of training for permit renewals (in
addition to initial Permit to Carry applications).

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